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12 Feb 2015 , 08:29:03 pm
  By: Sindu

Samsung Galaxy S6

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  • HTC One M9


    The HTC One M8 was a great phone, save for a few irksome choices, like the mediocre Ultrapixel camera. The HTC One M9 (code named Hima) is supposed to offer a nice upgrade over the M8. According to the latest batch of rumors, HTC is going to stick with a 5-inch 1080p LCD instead of going to QHD. The upshot of this being that battery life will be vastly improved. The device will again have a sealed-in battery rated at 2,840mAh. It should also be running an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 (64-bit), 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and maybe most importantly, a 20.7MP camera. The Ultrapixel used for the last two years has been questionable at best, and the Duo Cam was little more than a gimmick. HTC has great image processing software, though. Seeing it paired with a solid sensor is going to be exciting. HTC has been impressing with its build quality as of late, so the M9 is sure to blow us away once again in this department, and Sense 7 with Android 5.0 should be a nice update with HTC’s slick aesthetic.

    Score : 8
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    Home Appliances

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    Score : 6
  • Google Nexus 6


    My last review was on the 2-3rd day of use..this one is after 10 days of use..phone is working awesome...battery is set nicely to last for a day...wi-fi and 3 g are also working well..no more issues....rating it 5 now...only thing is camera..its not that great...my moto x2 has better camera than N6..but overall this phone is a beast...makes everyone envious...!! :D Phone is awesome look wise..!! also its smooth and fast. But at starters it gave me problems connecting to wi-fi and also to 3g. Had to call in my cellular service and reboot the phone 3-4 times to get that sorted out.Seems ok now. But still some issues- camera-hardware is good but camera software is just so-so...didnt expect that with this beast and these kinda configuration and prices...hope camera software is fixed in next update or some other software is introduced for nexus 6. Also Phone is heating up a lot when trying to do multitasking..its quite weird with the latest processor and 3 Gb RAM. you gotto stop multitasking or reboot to get it back to normal temperature!! Last- Battery--even at 3220 mAH battery juice is running out quickly..had to charge the phone 2 and half times to keep it running on the first day itself...Hope I am not the only one facing these issues or i got a faulty one! Anyways flipkart exchange n delivery were spot on so full marks to them. Gonna monitor the phone for 3-4 days before calling flipkart in...thanks..!!

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